Bob The Cooler Co. LLC is excited to partner with dealerships and retailers who share our vision of delivering high-quality products to enthusiasts and adventurers around the world. This online document outlines the general agreement terms and policies for our registered resellers.

By accepting this agreement, you acknowledge that you have thoroughly reviewed the information provided and agree to all the terms and conditions specified in the Bob The Cooler Co. LLC Powersports Dealership/Retailer Agreement and Policies. Your acceptance signifies your agreement to adhere to our policies, terms, and conditions, ensuring a successful partnership.

Retailer Registration

To ensure a productive partnership, retailers interested in selling Bob The Cooler Co. LLC products must complete an official registration process. This registration helps us maintain a high standard of service and product knowledge across all our resellers, ensuring that customers receive the best possible experience.

Key Policies

  1. Product Authenticity: Retailers agree to only sell authentic Bob The Cooler Co. LLC products purchased directly from us or through authorized distributors. This policy ensures that customers receive genuine products that meet our quality standards.
  2. Pricing Policy: Retailers must adhere to our MAP Policies (Minimum Advertised Price) maintain market stability and protect the brand's value. Only approved promotions and discounts are permitted and must be communicated in advance to Bob The Cooler Co. LLC for approval. See "Bob The Cooler Co. MAP policy here- (SEE MAP POLICY OVERVIEW BELOW )
  3. Marketing and Brand Representation: Retailers agree to use approved marketing materials and uphold the brand image of Bob The Cooler Co. LLC. Retailers are encouraged to engage in local marketing initiatives and will be supported with materials and guidance from Bob The Cooler Co. LLC. to the best of their ability.

Addressing Customer Concerns

Bob The Cooler Co. LLC and its retailers share a commitment to addressing customer concerns promptly and effectively. The following principles guide our approach:

  • Transparent Communication: Customers should always receive accurate and clear information regarding products, pricing and returns.
  • Prompt Response: Customer inquiries and concerns should be addressed as quickly as possible, ensuring a positive customer experience.
  • Problem Resolution: Efforts should be made to resolve customer issues in a manner that upholds the reputation of both the retailer and Bob The Cooler Co. LLC.
  • Feedback Loop: Retailers are encouraged to share customer feedback with Bob The Cooler Co. LLC to help us improve products and services.
  • Customer Support: any customer support needs beyond the retailers ability to resolve should be directed to Bob The Cooler Co. LLC customer support.
    Email Customer Support:
    Customer Service Phone: (480) 420-7470

Policies & Procedures

Bob The Cooler Co. LLC Policies Overview
Stock Rotation Agreement

This Stock Rotation Agreement ("Agreement") is made by and between Bob The Cooler Co. LLC ("Company") and the undersigned Retailer / Dealership ("Dealer").

1. Policy Overview

The Company recognizes the need for Dealers to manage inventory effectively. To support this, the Company offers a Stock Rotation Agreement, allowing for the rotation of products under specific conditions.

2. Stock Rotation Eligibility

To initiate a stock rotation, the Dealer must comply with the following conditions:

  • Order Requirement: The Dealer is required to place an offsetting order of original value plus a minimum of 25% increase in additional product.
  • Approval: All stock rotation requests must be approved by the Dealer's designated Sales Representative from the Company with written approval from Bob The Cooler Co. LLC Sales VP. The approval process will consider the current inventory stock and other qualifiers as outlined in this Agreement.
  • Qualifiers:
    • Current Inventory: Only items that are currently part of the Company's inventory are eligible for rotation.
    • Condition of Product and Packaging: Products must be in their original and sellable condition. Packaging should also be intact and in good condition to qualify for stock rotation.
    • Exclusions: No returns or exchanges will be processed for items that are “limited edition”, custom-made, or classified as closeout items.

3. Non-Approval of Stock Rotation Requests

The Dealer acknowledges that not all stock rotation requests will be approved. The approval of such requests is at the sole discretion of the Company and its designated representatives. Factors influencing the decision may include, but are not limited to, product demand, inventory levels, and market trends.

4. Implementation of the Stock Rotation

Upon approval of the stock rotation request by the Company, the Dealer must fulfill the minimum order requirement for the new product. The order placed by the Dealer as part of the stock rotation will adhere to the standard terms of sale, including pricing, unless otherwise specified by the Company.

5. Agreement Compliance

The Dealer agrees to comply with all terms outlined in this Stock Rotation Agreement. Failure to comply may result in the denial of future stock rotation requests and may affect the Dealer's account standing with the Company.

Return & Refund Policy

Welcome to Bob The Cooler Co. LLC. We are steadfast in ensuring that our partners, like you, are wholly satisfied with every purchase. This policy delineates our approach to returns and refunds, providing clarity and making the process as straightforward as possible for our Powersports dealership partners.

30-Day ReturnN Window

We understand the necessity of flexibility. Therefore, we offer a generous 30-day window from the date of receipt for you to initiate a return. To be eligible for a return, items must remain in their pristine condition—unused, with all original tags and packaging intact. Please ensure you retain your receipt or proof of purchase.

Initiating a Return

To begin the return process, reach out to us at or contact your dealer sales representative directly. We'll review your request, and upon approval, if your item arrived damaged or incorrect, we'll facilitate the return. In such cases, a dedicated return shipping label will be provided, covering all associated costs. Please direct all returns to:


Note: Please ensure you have submitted a return request before sending back any items. For inquiries or further assistance, our support team at is ready to help.

Policy at a Glance

  • Issue Reporting: Encounter any problems with your order? Contact us immediately. We're dedicated to ensuring your order is impeccable.
  • Non-returnable Items: Not all items can be returned. Custom orders, specifically, are ineligible for returns. Should you have any unique situations, we're open to discussing potential solutions.
  • Final Sale and Discounts: All sales for items purchased at discounted prices, with discount codes, or items bought during sales are final. Similarly, all Bob The Cooler Co. gift cards are non-returnable. This policy is crucial for us to continue offering special savings across the board.
  • Exchanges: ("See Stock Rotation Policy")
  • Refund Process: Upon receiving and inspecting your return, we'll communicate whether your refund has been approved. Approved refunds are processed back to your original payment method within 15 business days. Keep in mind, processing times may vary depending on your bank or credit card company.

If you've awaited more than 30 business days since we approved your return and haven't received your refund, kindly contact us at

We value our partnership and are committed to ensuring a seamless return and refund process for your dealership.