The Bro

25L "The Bro" Backpack Soft Cooler


Bob The Cooler Co. has got your back! With this super durable backpack cooler bag, you'll always have cold drinks and fresh snacks on hand. This backpack cooler is so cool (pun intended), it'll keep your treats chilled for hours - perfect for those hot desert off road rides, all-day beach bashes, sweaty hikes, or even lazy Sunday’s on the boat. And with an airtight lid, you can sway to the beat all you want without spilling a single drop. - Make sure to snag one of these bad boys and keep your cool no matter where your adventures take you! 25L Backpack Cooler Bag from Bob The Cooler Co. Bob’s always got your back, the best bud that never lets you down. Fits 30 12oz cans.

15.75" x 10.63" x 20.08" (40cm x 27cm x 51cm)



BOB’S Got Your Back

“The Bro” 25L Backpack Cooler is the ultimate best bud for your wildest escapades! Bob's got your back (literally), keeping your drinks frosty and your snacks crispy. So whether you're poppin' wheelies on your cruiser, or taking long romantic walks on the beach your “Bro” Bob has got you covered.

BOB’s Tough As Nails

“The Bro” cooler backpack is so tough, you could take it anywhere from a beachside chill session to an intergalactic odyssey! Talk about versatility.

BOB’s So Hot Right Now

This Bro is 25L of awesome that can hold up to 36 cans, and the leak proof materials guarantee it'll stay chill. Plus comfort-padded straps will make your back—and your brews—happy camperz all day long.


Avoid Packing Sharp Objects

That might hurt BOB.

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning your 25L backpack cooler bag is a breeze! Just use some soap, warm water and a non-abrasive rag or sponge.

  • Keep away from harmful abrasive rags and chemicals.
  • Dry inside and out before giving it the old upside down air dry.
  • Don't be a slacker - keep your bud BOB clean!
A man wearing a 25L Backpack Soft Cooler while walking down a dock ramp.

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